Glassomer wins 2nd place in the startup bw elevator pitch state finals
Dorothea convinced the jury and made second place! Pictured with minister Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut and L-Bank CEO Dr. Axel Nawrath. (c) startup bw
Glassomer wins Rapid.Tech + Fab.Con Startup Award
Glassomer won the Rapid.Tech + Fab.Con Startup Award 2019 for cracking the code to 3D print glasses in any home printer. © C. Seeling, Messe Erfurt GmbH
Glassomer L40 - available now
Glassomer L40 slurry for the generation of 3D microstructures in fused silica glass by Solid Template Replication (STR) now available. Get a quote from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Glassomer wins the Freiburg Innovation Price 2019
For the invention of the Glassomer Technology for glass shaping, Glassomer won the Freiburger Innovationspreis 2019 by the Technologiestiftung BioMed Freiburg. The Glassomer Team uis shown with Dr. Stefan Wilhelm (Director Software Engineering Stryker), Christoph Gerber (Senior Director Operations / Plant Manager at Stryker) and Hanna Böhme (Business Manager FWTM)
Glassomer wins 1st price
Glassomer wins 1st price at the Regional Cup Bodensee. Thanks for your
Materialica Gold Award 2018
Glassomer wins Materialica Gold Award 2018 (source: Kroha Fotografie / MunichExpo)
Glass structuring by subtractive machining
Glassomer allows generating glass components by techniques as simple as manually carving, milling or lathing
Glass structuring at submicron resolution
High-speed roll-to-roll glass structuring enables generation of diffractive structures
Glassomer process
Glassomer makes glass structuring as simple as modeling with polymer clay
Hot embossing of glass
Using Glassomer polymer molding techniques such as hot embossing can be used to structure glass